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Program Facilitator 


Program Facilitator are considered to be GottagetitTM program team members. This means that they serve specifically with GottagetitTM. Program Facilitator are accountable to Project Coordinators and senior GottagetitTM leadership. Program Facilitators are

responsible for establishing and maintaining communicating with program participants,

as well as facilitating programs (onsite, digital and hybrid). Program Facilitators will implement necessary actions for program success, including but not limited to, Data Collection, Management, and Reporting.

Business Presentation

What we are looking for in a Program Facilitator 

Career Opportunities
The ALLY Challenge: About Us


  • Out of School Time Enrichment

  •  Support Academic Enrichment

  •  Relationship Development


Mentor/Network Session Facilitation

  •  Scholar Pre & Post Assessment

  •  Scholar Self-Perception Survey

  •  Family/Guardian Survey

  •  Session Scheduling


  • Session Report Form Submission

  •  Scholar Pre-Survey Form Submission

  • Scholar Post-Survey Form Submission

  • Family/Guardian Form Submission

  • Digital Session Sign-Up Input


  • Ongoing collaboration with Project Coordinator and Program Director

  • Timely submission of quality deliverables

  • Positive representation of the GottagetitTM brand in public & digital spaces

  • Attendance at team check-ins (remote)

  • Flexibility in plan implementation

  • Solution-oriented problem solving

  • Positively-framed language and proactive youth management and family engagement

  • Commitment to the GottagetitTM vision, mission and principles

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Wanting to be apart of the team? 

Questions & Concerns  

If you have questions or concerns about your application contact Tietricha Thomas  

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